The BlueInvest coaching starts: Wedge Global and BlueNewables

As you know, the BOld team was certified by the EU as BlueInvest Readiness Assistance coaches for the program’s startups. Recently, we have received the Cycle 1 assignments and we are happy to announce that, during this cycle, we will be coaching, under the BlueInvest program, Wedge Global and BlueNewables. We’d like to note that both startups are committed to green energy generation in the maritime sector.

Wedge Global

Wedge Global provides clean, affordable and sustainable electricity from ocean waves. Wedge is an innovative technology and services provider for the marine energy market.

Its proven technology, a floating Wave Energy Conversion System to harness electricity from ocean waves, enables a change in paradigm for the industry in terms of reduced costs and risks for the installation and operations of wave energy systems.


BlueNewables is an engineering consultancy at the cutting edge of the innovation within the blue economy, that supports the marine renewables energy sector with technical know-how, advice and holistic approach. Currently, they are developing the following projects:

  • Windbos
  • G-bos
  • PVsea


There are 9 BlueInvest Readiness Assistance Cycles, and we hope to coach many more startups from the Western Mediterranean (Spain, Italy and Cyprus). Cycle 2 selection results will be announced at the end of March, and we expect to report on the progress of the project.


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