BOld’s enterprise services

Is your corporation looking to innovate to remain relevant in today’s competitive market? BOld helps to drive innovation with the transformation of our corporate clients by leveraging emerging technologies.

BOld is focusing on creating market-oriented consortiums with big companies, innovative SME’s, disruptive startups and investors to build and back sustainable large-scale business models in areas as biofuels, hydrogen, artificial intelligence, renewable energies, blockchain, IoT…

We also manage Corporate Open Innovation Programs and recruitment of startups through calls for technological challenges aimed at the priority areas of our business clients. These programs are a low-risk and potentially very high reward corporate innovation model to leverage.

One of the major advantage for our corporate partners is that they can take advantage of networking with other corporate partners – in the same industry as themselves or not – and collaboratively work on innovation best practises.

We love to help corporations find the right innovation custom model because, after all, we want business to succeed: both or startups and the corporations we work with.