Looking forward to 2020

Published by Bold News on

BOld finished 2019 working hard in its current projects, with the success of the whole team being certified by the European Union as coaches, a role we have been taking for quite some time with our own startups. We’ve just started 2020 and we have plenty of projects already:

  • We are preparing and customising the coaching of several startups as part of the BlueInvest program.
  • Some of those startups, like us, will attend the BlueInvest Day in Brussels. If you’re attending, be sure to request a meeting with us and our startups.
  • Soon, we will sign an agreement with a news portal that will help us promote our startups and show their projects as well as give you the best information about maritime startups/events/funds…
  • We have some news for our investors, too. Soon we will organize an event to present these news to them. Stay tuned!
  • We are aware that our startups need a proper introduction, so we’ll soon post their profiles here, on our website.
  • We’re planning several actions, so we can show in a more efficient, time saving way, who we are and what we do.

We’d love to give you more details about the upcoming events, but that would spoil the surprise, so our advise is that you join us in this trip through 2020 and see it for yourself.