BOld selected for the BlueInvest Day showcase exhibition

Published by Bold News on

The BlueInvest Day event is going to feature a showcase exhibition and the event organizers has selected 10 selected companies to be part of it. We are happy to announce that Blue Ocean Leading Drivers has been designated because of our interest to the attendees.

These are the organizations that have been chosen to be featured in the BlueInvest Day showcase:

  • BlueInvest + European Maritime & Fisheries Fund
  • European Investment Fund
  • Marine Energy Alliance
  • European Boating Industry
  • Atlanpole cluster | Pole Mer | EBN
  • Blue Ocean Leading Drivers
  • Ocean Assets Institute
  • Responsible Investor
  • Water Alliance
  • Kaleido Tech

This is not the only way we are involved with the BlueInvest program, as all of our members have been certified by the EU as BlueInvest Readiness Assistance coaches.