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bold /boʊld/ adj., -er, -est.
3. finding new solutions; inventive or imaginative

Bold (Blue Ocean Leading Drivers) is a global organisation that selects carefully and supports, with the help of its investors, high value startups in the maritime sector. Bold identifies entrepreneurs and helps them achieve its full potential, with our portfolio of services and the help of our mentors and investors.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

As our name shows, we’re committed to finding new solutions to actual problems through clean energy, blue biotechnology, big data, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things, cyber-security, collaborative robotics…

These high value startups are selected carefully: its product, technical and economic viability, management, growth opportunities… This way, our investors can trust the startups are worth their support.


We are experienced professionals working on the maritime sector and we know the value of the ‘blue’ economy, that represents roughly 5.4 million jobs and generates a gross added value of almost €500 billion a year in the EU. We know that seas and oceans are not only drivers for the European economy but, also, they have great potential for innovation and growth.

Speaking of the European Union, BOld is part of the BlueInvest platform as partners and coaches, due to our connections to business, markets and investors, and also to support the knowledge exchange.

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